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JACK 1 by Tom kirkman photography on Flickr.
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(by heddaselder)
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Thank You for Your Love (by Toko Lee)
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I’ve been obsessed with Alexandre Desplat’s style since I first heard his work. It’s so elegant and whimsical. There are always flutes fluttering around, celeste glissandos twinkling here and there, and crystal clear strings that sweep with elegance all over the song. And Chez Chanel, from the Coco Avant Chanel score, is a perfect example of it.


summer city swim. photo by Luca Poli
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Scott McFadyen
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Hálendis-grænn by Ragnar Magnusson
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Monday, 18.Aug.2014

What a better way to describe your day than calling it by it’s name, we get so attach by the week and its meaning along aside the rituals -of course- that we forget we have the possibility to choose hour by hour the activities for ourselves, probably the same way we forget about making with our lives what we want and can. It’s so scary how attached we are to common reality that we left behind our individual one and that freaks me out, specially when it comes to being judged by people who follow rules just for the sake of doing it. By this I don’t suggest a total system entropy to endorse my personality as an outsider and I don’t even claim to have the right to question other people way of being and thinking. But it does make me scared to see robots walking down the streets and a bunch of shadows waking up to days they don’t wish to have an obligations they merely seem to handle in order to fulfill expectations that might not even lead them somewhere. I am afraid of time, I am afraid of looking back and being unhappy or unsatisfied with my experiences and as I saw a long time ago in a french movie, I am afraid of becoming a fish inside of an aquarium instead of one in the ocean. Call it fear, call it negativity or call it Monday, tomorrow it’s another day. 

Opaque  by  andbamnan